2007 Family Pictures

Saturday, November 10th, 2007 | All Posts

Today, the whole Tobler family got together at the JW Marriot to take family pictures. For a group of about 70 people, it got a little crazy, but it will be exciting to see the final result. While she was taking individual family pictures, we took a few of our own. Here they are:





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November 10, 2007

What a smokin’ family! I love that you have matching shirts- the Stucki family has never been great at that. Cole is so freakin cute in that picture with you three. I love it!! And I love the Bowers family. You guys make me smile.

cindy shirley
November 12, 2007

That was such a crazy day!!! Trying to coordinate that many people was a joke! But I just hope at least one of the pictures will come out half way decent for Grandma and Grandpa. Your family pics turned out great! I am glad Micha did them for ya because if it were me they would have been not so great!

November 16, 2007

You take such good pictures. We’re trying to figure out what to do for our Christmas picture this year – I wish we lived closer so Brian could take it for us!

November 16, 2007

Candace you look so good in those pictures!! Brian looks good as well:) What a cute bubba! I hope we can see you guys during the holidays. Thanks for commenting on my blog:)

November 17, 2007

You guys look like you could be models! I love the matching shirts! Thanks for adding me as your friend on facebook. 🙂

November 18, 2007

I love your family pictures! Your little boy is so cute he is such a mix of the two of you.

Erica Bowers
November 20, 2007

hey candace!
i like these pictures that micah took. they look great of us. Did u take pictures at Aaron and I’s bday party?