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Sunday, April 29th, 2007 | All Posts | 6 Comments

All of you who have been pregnant, I’m sure can relate to this experience I had yesterday. I was working on the computer last night when I had that feeling of little sock fuzzies being stuck between your toes. My first thought was “Yuck, I hate this.” Then I thought about it, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t been wearing socks since earlier that day. When I reached down to clean them (sound gross I know), I realized there was nothing in between my toes. They had swollen up so much that each toe was rubbing against the other, leaving me with the gross feeling of sock toes. Needless to say I slept with my feet raised and thank goodness they are back to being somewhat normal this morning.

Email Subscription

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007 | All Posts | 1 Comment

Brian helped me set up an email subscription for those who want to get updates of posts by email. Anyone who is interested can subscribe by entering your email address in the box to the right.

I’ve Been Tagged

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007 | All Posts | 5 Comments

Okay, so it took me awhile to figure this out and my 5 things that are unknown are not crazy things but here goes:

1) I have never had a real crush on an actor. Even as a teenager. In 7th grade I thought Jonathan Taylor Thomas was cute but no obsession. Kind of weird since I have liked boys since I was two. I think I just knew it would never happen, so I never wanted to waste time fantasizing.

2) I am a fairly big fan of sports. I was always interested in them but I have to give Brian a lot of credit. Once he explained the actually players and their strengths and weaknesses, it appealed to me much more. Can you believe I even like to watch golf. Who would have thought?

3) When I was in 8th grade, my mom highlighted my hair. We must not have kept it in long enough, and she pulled big chunks through every hole in the cap. Needless to say, it didn’t look pretty. The next day at school, everyone called me Barbie.

4) A few years ago, I was riding on the back of a bullet bike up in Red Rock Canyon. The driver was going around a corner quite fast and as we were coming around the inner part of the lane, there was a biker that we had to swerve before hitting. We slowed down to about 20 mph before hitting the big curbs they have. I flew about 10 feet in the air, rolled around some of those fun thorny weeds, and landed on my back. Don’t worry I am okay now.

5) I know most oldest siblings may have this trait, but some people don’t see me being this way. I am much more of an annoying mother to my 4 younger siblings than I am a sister. I just worry so much about them that I end up coming off as pushy and mother like instead of supporting and sister like. Maybe it had to do with the fact that with Spencer and the twins being so close in age (like triplets) I had to help my mom so much anyway. Who knows. But its just because I love them so much.

Last Birthing Class

Thursday, April 19th, 2007 | All Posts | 2 Comments

On Tuesday night we had our last birthing class. We talked about all the post birth things that happen. The physical and emotional downsides of the birth pretty much. I told Brian that Baby Slim is staying inside me and never coming out. Of course I can’t do that, and I really do want to see my baby. Thank goodness they are worth it though.

Also, today I had my regular check up with the doctor. He said everything seems to be going great. The heartbeat was good, size was good. I have to start counting the movements the baby makes after I eat. At least 10 movements in an hour. I have already kind of been doing this and I’m afraid our little boy just may have my over-enthusiatic energy. I guess we will see.

Birthing Class No. 2

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 | All Posts | 7 Comments

Last night Brian and I had our second birthing class. I think they should give these classes to teenagers. Total birth control. We went over information on C-sections, which I hope I don’t have to have. We also watched a birthing video, that yes, showed everything. Boy do I give complete respect to those who had their children naturally. It actually showed the baby coming out also. I had complete mixed emotions. It wasn’t gross, but it sure makes you realize how big the baby is that has to come out of you. I keep telling myself it is totally worth it.

1st Pregnancy Photo

Saturday, April 7th, 2007 | All Posts | 10 Comments

This is for those of you who have not gotten a chance to see this growing belly of mine.