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Before you start reading you must know that I enjoy reading these about other people, but when you have to do it about yourself you feel a little bit silly. Oh well, at least I will make some people happy (Stacey):

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite foods: Cafe Rio Salad, Hawaiian Haystacks, and Beef and Peapods with rice (I like food)

Favorite month: December (for obvious reasons) and April (the weather is so nice and flowers are blooming)

Favorite song: I like too many

Favorite movie: Girls Just Want to Have Fun (80’s)

Favorite sport: I like most sports. Its nice they have seasons though. It gives you a change.

Favorite season: Well, in Las Vegas it would have to be spring since the weather is nice and we get a little bit more color.

Favorite day of the week: Saturday

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite time of the day: Evening, when I get to spend time with my husband, although I do like mornings since I am usually ready for the day to happen.

Current mood: Happy

Current taste: nothing

Current clothes: fun pregnancy clothes. I like my brown comfortable capri’s

Current desktop: blue

Current toenail color: French manicure (I can’t believe I actually painted my own toenails with this belly… It took awhile)

Current time: 3:30 pm

Current surroundings: The office in our house

Current ideas: How I want to do the baby’s room

Current thoughts: Is there ever enough time to get everything done?


First best friend: Elizabeth

First kiss: Dwayne

First screen name: I can’t even remember

First pet: Taffy

First piercing: Ears

First CD: Don’t remeber


Last cigarette. Never had one

Last drink: water

Last car ride: home from work

Last kiss: Brian George Stucki

Last movie seen: I would rather not answer. I am pregnant and I will even watch… okay “Ice Princess”

Last phone call: Nicole (hair client)

Last CD played: Motivational Talk


Have you ever dated one of your best guy/girl friends:Yes

Have you ever broken the law: yes

Have you ever been arrested: No

Have you ever been on TV: No

Have you ever kissed someone you didn’t know: No


5 things you’re wearing: Red (work) shirt, black pregnancy pants, white and black sketcher shoes, white socks, a ponytail.

5 things you’ve done today: Cut hair, colored hair, done laundry, read my pregnancy book, talked with my mother.

5 things you can hear right now: Silence

5 things you can’t live without: Family, the Gospel, eyelash curler, food, and energy (I still have a little which is keeping me alive-somewhat)

5 things you do when you are bored: watch apple t.v., watch slide show of family pictures, read, clean, and cook.

PLACES YOU HAVE BEEN TODAY: Sport Clips (work), home



black or white: black

hot or cold: hard one to decide now that I am always hot

stay in or go out: depends on the mood and weather

salty or sweet: now it is sweets although it used to be 100% salty

books or movies: movies

Start my medium sized family, go on a mission, travel with my husband.

Birthing Class

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Last night Brian and I went to our first birthing class at Summerlin Hospital. I didn’t expect it to be as fun and interesting as it was. Our instructor is a practicing nurse at Summerlin Hospital and boy do I hope she is there when I am having my baby. She handled the class very well. She was not boring but not overly dramatic (which I was afraid she might have been). She handed out little pieces of paper of certain body parts and had the future dad’s explain what they were. Brian got “umbilical cord.” It was fun to hear what some of the guys said. No real crazy answers though.

It is always nice to hear that other people are going through the same things you are too. I have to admit I have had a fairly easy pregnancy, the only thing that has been killing me is the sleepiness, which for all you who know me, is hard to deal with.

Well, that’s the update for now.

Here we go…

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I have been thinking of starting a blog for when I have the baby, but was encouraged by some of you to start now and update you on my pregnancy. This is going to be hard for me since I have never done a blog but I look forward to getting better.

We are nearing seven months and I am getting excited to start taking the birthing classes that start this week. I will post some pictures soon, but those who have not seen my belly protrusion yet, don’t worry, its there. My favorite part of being pregnant are the fun movements the baby makes inside of you. It surprises me each time, but I sometimes wish he would do it even more.

Rachel (my sister-in-law) has given me some good pregnancy books to read, and that gets me even more excited. We have not completely chosen a name yet, and probably won’t have a definite until we have the baby. You can definitely count on the George Stucki part of it though. We are looking forward to continuing that tradition of George as the middle name.

Well, again I am not great at expressing my life or feelings in writing, so bear with me as I get used to this.