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I thought I was feeling ill…

Saturday, June 14th, 2008 | All Posts | 21 Comments

This last week I have been feeling very tired and a little nauseated. Of course the question of being pregnant crossed Brian and my mind, but I didn’t feel pregnant. When I was pregnant with Cole, we took a pregnancy test because I cried one day over the most stupid thing (getting lost alone on a California freeway) and I was really tired, and my breasts hurt pretty bad. This week I was really sleepy and sick but I continued to tell myself and Brian I was not pregnant. Boy was I wrong.

This morning I took the test and we are pregnant again. Yeah.

Cole’s First Birthday Party

Saturday, June 7th, 2008 | All Posts | 12 Comments

Today we threw Cole’s first birthday party. He turns one on Tuesday. The theme was a monkey luau. Mainly because Cole is our little monkey and luau’s are always fun in the summer time.

Here are quite a few pictures from the party:

Here is the birthday boy. He was so good while we finished getting everything ready for the party.

Here are some of the guests that were in attendance. (I feel like a celebrity magazine saying that.)

Rachel and Maddie came festive as always:

Don’t worry, we are getting a better couch and more space for crowds in our new house.

These were the children’s cupcakes/banana bread. I made this instead of buying a cake for Cole.

This was Cole (me) blowing out the candle. I think Cole was a little confused.

Cole is like his dad when it comes to being messy. They hate it. This was the extent of Cole’s messy cake eating, with a little help from Aunt Rachel.

This was one of Cole’s fun gifts from Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Susan.

Poor Rachel had to wear sunglasses almost the whole time since she just got the lasik surgery. Notice though that Cole snuck them for a cute little picture.

Grandma Linda helped Maddie hide from everyone.