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October Activities

Saturday, October 25th, 2008 | All Posts | 6 Comments

This October has flown by. We have been pretty busy. Here are a few pictures to show what we have been up to.

I was so excited for cooler weather, because I bought Cole this outfit and was so excited when he was able to wear it.

I am so glad Mandy Oblad has come to Vegas to share her great information. She told me about this library class for toddlers that we now go to every week. Cole loves it, and I think he is learning so much. Sorry this picture is blurry. These are his friends. (Though he’s quite a bit younger than all of them, he sure likes playing with the older kids.)

This year, Brian and I thought it would be fun to take Cole to the pumpkin patch. I know everyone goes and their kids seem to like it. Cole loved it. He ran to all the big pumpkins trying to pick each one up. He also saw two kids throwing the hay on themselves, so he thought he should try it too. He had a blast but started rubbing his eyes after awhile.

About a month ago, we visited our friends Alan and Megan at their home. Mason showed Cole his neat bubble lawn mower and Cole liked it. Don’t worry, we don’t buy everything he likes, but he is in love with bubbles right now, so we thought it would be nice to buy him one. He tried it out in the house first. He seems to like it quite a bit.

My friend Mandy, got tickets for bowling at the Texas and invited Cole and I to join. It was Cole’s first time and he loved it for about 8 turns. It was cute to see him try to push the ball down the ramp.

Today, My mom and dad, Brian and I, took Cole to the Carnival on Craig Road. Cole had a blast. He loved everything he went on. Brian is such a good father. He took Cole on a really tall, bumpy slide 4 different times, and had to carry Cole, a rubber mat and climb about 50 stairs each time. Here are a few pictures from the Carnival.