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What we have been up to…

Monday, March 30th, 2009 | All Posts | 6 Comments

This last month has been interesting. A lot of you know that Will was in the hospital for 4 days with RSV. Thankfully he is doing a lot better with the help of some Oceanside weather and time.

This is Will telling us he is feeling better.

With all that has happened with Will lately, my mom has been such a help with Cole. I am so glad they live around the corner now. It has been such a blessing. Here is Cole making his first pizza.

Here is the end result. Notice the pepperonis.

I thought this photo was funny. Cole loves to give Will kisses and hugs, but I am not sure Will is used to it yet.

I like this picture of Will. He just seems so content with life.

I was getting Cole ready for bed the other night when Brian was at the temple, and he was being so cute, so I TRIED to snap a few photos and actually got a good one.

Will has gotten so big in just the last couple of weeks. He obviously started out as a big baby, but he sure has chunked up even more, and we love it.

Yesterday was Will’s baby blessing. I had almost everything ready for church so we could get a few family pictures in before we left. Unfortunately, Cole had slept a little longer than planned, and we also had to wake Will up right before we had to leave. This picture was our first and only attempt since Will was obviously not happy and we were in a hurry. I am so sad I didn’t even get one with Brian in it.

Happy Birthday Brian

Friday, March 27th, 2009 | All Posts | 3 Comments

Today is Brian’s 29th birthday. If any of you know Brian, you know he is a great man. He is such a great father and a wonderful husband.

Here are a few pictures of him through the years…

This is the start of it all:

He was such a cute little boy:

This is him and Rachel showing their Swiss pride:

This is him in college.

This is Brian and I on the California coast near San Francisco:

This is him and his two boys. He really is a wonderful father.