A year later

Friday, September 3rd, 2010 | All Posts

So, I have noticed that my last post was over a year ago. So here are some updated pictures and info.

Will turned one. This was a milestone, because his skin got so much better and he was not as fussy.

Cole turned three and had a spiderman party. He loves the super heroes.

We have been swimming a lot in our pool this summer, but to get out of the house and in a cool area, we have spent many days at the mall playground.
Will has learned to climb the toys, and Cole (now completely potty trained) loves the little toilet.

Cole got to be a big boy at Lagoon theme park with his cousin Maddie. They got to go on most of the rides without an adult.

My brother, Clark, and sister-in-law, Shawnie had their first child, Braxton.

Here is one of the most recent pictures of all my boys. They love to lay on their dad.

And lastly, Cole started preschool. Crazy. He likes to dress himself now, so on his first day this is how he got ready…

The second day, I let him pick out his shorts and I got to pick the shirt. He seems to really like his teacher and class.

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September 4, 2010

No way! I was happy to find a new post on your blog! Yahoo! So cute.

Grandma Linda
September 4, 2010

And good “negotiating” on the school wardrobe choices…ha!