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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 | All Posts


Candace is still in the hospital, but I know there are those that follow her blog and would like an update.

After 36 hours of labor, and little progress, Candace received a c-section surgery. Cole George Stucki was born on Sunday at 5:55 PM. His is 8lbs 7oz and 19 inches long. Everything seems to be healthy with him.

Candace is able to move a bit more and she’s looking forward to coming home. Our family has been very helpful and respectful of our little growing family.

The photo above was taken by Grandpa Dale. (Kay George -> Dale George -> Brian George -> Cole George)

If any of you would like to leave some notes of encouragement, I’m sure Candace would love to read them upon her return.

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June 12, 2007

Your good news is popping up all over the blogs! Congratulations! Cole is a beautiful little boy, and looking very good for being a newborn (must be the c-section)! I hope you are feeling well! I had an emergency c-section with Caden and at first I was terrified, but in the end it was a good experience. Just don’t be in a rush to be up and about doing too much. Let everyone help you out right now, that is what family and friends are good for. There will be plenty of time later on to be Super Mom! Relax and enjoy this new experience. They change so fast, treasure every moment of this.

June 12, 2007

Congratulations you two! He is so beautiful! Babies change sooooo much in the next couple of months, but you can aleady tell what a handsome little guy he is going to be. I love the name! I was stuck on Colton for a long time and we would have used Cole as a nickname, so we all have good taste. Tara is right, let everyone take care of you and just try to relax and enjoy this little stage. It is the most precious and it does not last very long!! I very happy for you guys!

June 12, 2007

Yeah! He is perfect. I am so happy and excited for you both. Isn’t it amazing, what a miracle. Congrats. Oh, and say yes to drug (lots and lots of pain medication seemed to help me after my c-section :))

June 12, 2007

Yes- everyone is correct, just take time to relax and heal. I wasn’t so smart, cause I cannot sit very long! I went a little stir crazy, but next time I will really want to relax more! I am so excited for you two! You will both be great parents. I can’t wait to see little Cole on Friday! Let me know if you need anything!
Everyone at work says “hi,” and they all saw the email that Rachel sent around.

June 13, 2007

Congratulations Candace & Brian! He is adorable as expected. It sounds like Candace’s labor/delivery was very similar to mine. Candace, I know what you went through. It’s aweful! But now Cole is finally here yay! I can’t wait to come and see him in person. Keep posting pictures. I hope you recover quickly! Call me if you need anything or have any questions!

June 14, 2007

Congratulations! I dont have any kids yet so I dont have any parenting advice but I just wanted to comment on how beautiful he is! I love little babies!

June 22, 2007

Congratulations! Cole is so adorable. I ditto everyones elses advise. treasure these moments, they only last a short while. Have fun!