May Update

Saturday, May 30th, 2009 | All Posts

Here is what has happened this month:

We went to Newport with the Harris’ and the Smiths’. It was a lot of fun. We all stayed in Rachel and Josh’s condo.

One of the days we went to Disneyland.

As we were all walking into the park, Cole and Maddie held hands. It was so cute.

Rachel and Will. I know Will’s hat didn’t match his outfit but it sure beat him getting a sunburn.

This was on our first ride, which was Pirates. Cole was scared but liked it, Will also liked it which surprised me.

Our family was talking about who was what characters and we decided Cole is most like Nemo (which is also his favorite character) It was nice of Rachel to buy him a Nemo hat.

The next day, while the men went golfing, we had a little picnic outside Rachel and Josh’s condo. It just so happened that it was all orange food.

Also, Will is getting a lot stronger and is somehow able to hold up his heavy head. He is now able to sit in the Bumbo chair. It is not his favorite thing, but it keeps him happy for a few minutes.

I have a few more fun photos to share, but Brian is out of town with the camera, so I will post them later.

3 Comments to May Update

Katie Mills
June 1, 2009

I love the picture of Maddie and Cole holding hands, so cute! Is Rachel wearing a fanny pack? Love it! It looks like you guys had a fun trip.

Stacey Eaton
June 2, 2009

Super cute. I too have all orange meals sometimes. (By accident). Or all white. (Like chicken, cauliflower and toast).

July 4, 2009

all your guys’ kids are so cute! I love Cole’s Nemo hat :o) What a little flounder! ha ha