November Update

Saturday, November 29th, 2008 | All Posts

November has been busy, which in turn has made it go by so fast.

Here are a few pictures to explain some of the events…

I had to post this one, because Cole made the funniest face. He loves climbing into and on things lately. (Toy bins, bathtub, chairs, etc.)

Another thing he likes to climb on, that usually ends up giving me a heart attack, is our bed. He jumps on it and it freaks me out. He does this sometimes while I try to hurry in the shower.

We went to dinner with Grandpa Dale and he gave Cole a toothpick. Cole loved it. He stuck it between his two top teeth and it got stuck there. It was so funny.

Cole got to go to his first Rebel game and he loved it. He danced and screamed when the game was starting and of course loved watching the Rebel Girls dance.

My parents have this little kid house that you can pop open and then collapse it to store it away. Cole loves it and every time we go over there we open it up. It seems to always end up with everyone in it though, because Cole makes sure he goes through the house and gets everyone in there. It is the funniest thing. He comes to get you, pulls your hand to follow him, goes in the house
and pats the floor for you to sit down. He luckily let Brian out to take this picture.

My parents are getting ready to move so they had a yard sale a week ago. I took Cole over there to get him out of the house and he loved being outside while different people came up to look at things. He also loved eating their popcorn and playing with all the stuff they were trying to sell.

We had a great Thanksgiving. We went over to Stan and Linda’s and had yummy food and family. Here are all the grandkids that were there…

Cole never poses for us when we try to take pictures, but Brian asked him to do it and this is what he got…

3 Comments to November Update

Aunt Jamie
December 1, 2008

When I look at that bed picture I think: Jumpy jump! Jumpy jump! Jumpy jump!

Grandma Linda
December 1, 2008

Something about crawling INSIDE that black footstool makes him go nuts! Then again, the whole Bowers clan might be where he gets it from since they are ALL sitting inside that tent thingy – priceless!! 🙂

December 16, 2008

Hey Candace! It was fun seeing you at Target! Ok my Blog is lame but yours is sure cute. If I ever figure out how to blog and know exactly what that is….mine is