October festivities

Sunday, October 31st, 2010 | All Posts

Earlier this month, I took the boys to the M&M factory. I will probably never do that again. They don’t really have anything but souvenirs to buy, and we walked out with $40 worth of M&M’s. Not a good idea. Here is Cole pretty excited about it though, (Will wouldn’t really let me get any good pictures.)

Cole really wanted a spiderman skateboard, so Brian printed out a chart of chores that Cole had to do for a whole week. After the week was up, we all went to ToysRUs to get the skateboard. Luckily when he tried skateboarding he realized it was a little too hard and decided to get a spiderman razor. I think that is a much better choice.

Will still isn’t talking a whole lot, but he sure has a lot of personality. He loves dancing, singing, and especially loves books. He is hard to get good pictures of though. This is one of my favorite recent ones. (Look at those dark, deep eyes.)

In the evenings, the boys wrestle with their dad. It is pretty funny to watch. Here are two pictures of them clobbering him on the couch. Will got worn out and ended up just laying on him.

Since Cole got a new bike back in June, Will got Cole’s old one. He hasn’t been able to reach the pedals until now. So Cole was trying to help teach him.

I took the boys to Gilcrease Ranch Orchards for the first time. We went to get a few Granny Smith apples. The boys had a pretty good time and I thought it was beautiful there.

4 Comments to October festivities

Grandma Linda
November 1, 2010

These are some of the SAME pics I just asked Brian for on his camera! I love the couch wrestling ones and Will’s beautiful eyes.

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Grandma Linda
November 1, 2010

And when big brother helps little brother learn to write the big trike…oh heck. They are ALL adorable!

November 2, 2010

I am so excited to see a new post on your blog! Yahoo! Love your handsome little boys!

April Densley
January 9, 2011

Boys are so much fun!