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Friday, September 28th, 2007 | All Posts

This is for Christina and anyone else interested:

1.) What I was doing ten years ago:
I was a freshman in high school, and didn’t have a care in the world.

2.) Five years ago:
I was a sophomore at the community college (aka CSN) and working at Tingey and Tingey Law firm as a legal secretary.

3.) One year ago: I had my wisdom teeth pulled and was laying around not knowing I was pregnant.

4) Yesterday: September 27, 2007:
I went and bought Brian and my Halloween costumes, fed Cole, read some pages in the biography of Gordon B. Hinkley, cooked dinner, and went to a family “The Office” party.

5.) 5 Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million:
Buy a nice house with a huge lot, buy new cars, new wardrobe, good season tickets to UNLV basketball, and so many more things

6.) 5 locations I would like to run away to:
Most anywhere out of this country.

7.) 5 bad habits I have:
Criticising myself, not always being consistent, not returning phone calls, not always washing my face at night, finishing others sentences.

8.) 5 things I like doing:
Playing with Cole, watching sports with Brian, reading (a new hobby of mine), relaxing by watching anything that makes me laugh, and being around my family

9.) 5 TV shows I like:
currently Dancing with the Stars, The Office, Red Sox games, Oklahoma games, Seinfeld (first time watching them)

10.) 5 things I hate doing:
Taking Cole to get his shots, getting gas in the car (standing in las vegas heat), putting clean dishes away, waiting in line for prescriptions, and waiting for people who are late.

12.) 5 Biggest joys of the moment:
Anything Cole does, how great my husband is to Cole and me, how I get to stay home with Cole, always me family, that I am losing the baby weight.

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September 28, 2007

What are your Halloween costumes?

September 29, 2007

good question rachel. 🙂 Your answers are a lot of fun! you’re too cute.

Linda Mom
September 29, 2007

Brian is so lucky to have a wife who likes sports almost as much as he does. (And also, one of MY “new” favorite things now is getting to work out with you and Rachel because Cole makes us laugh as we huff and puff together!)

September 29, 2007

You really are losing weight. yOu look gret.

September 30, 2007

I love Seinfeld! I just started watching them about a year ago and can’t believe what I was missing. There are some classics! 🙂

cindy shirley
October 4, 2007

I hate putting clean dishes away too! And it is wierd because I don’t mind so much to put them in the dish washer! And I also hate waiting around for people that are late! It is one of my pet peves. I swear on Sundays…Chad is always the last one out to the car for church. And all he has to do is get himself ready! I have the whole stinkin family to get dressed. But I am not complaining.
You look great! I can tell you have been working out! It feels good when you start getting off all of your baby wieght 😉

ashley gaskell
October 10, 2007

hey candance this is ashley! i found your blog through some other blogs… dont you just love that! anyways i thought i would just say hi! your fam is so cute!!! see you at church!